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Minimum of £3 a month or £36 a year


  • Share your love of wildlife and get out and about exploring our reserves! Our fantastic Nature Reserves Guide, exclusively for members will open up a whole new world of wildlife to enjoy. From woodlands, wildflower meadows and lakes, to chalk downland, our guide will help you plan your next wildlife adventure
  • Twice a year you will be sent our Wiltshire Wildlife Magazine, packed with news and fascinating articles about wildlife. Find out how your membership helps us protect Wiltshire’s precious green spaces, get up to date tips on green living and more
  • There’s something new for every season in our What’s On guide. Sent twice a year, you can find events, talks and walks for you to enjoy
  • Let everyone know you’re a Wiltshire Wildlife Trust member by displaying your free car sticker
  • You will also receive our Annual Report and an invite to our annual general meeting, where you can have your say about what we’re doing to protect wildlife in Wiltshire

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