Martyn Allez is a retired Programme and Technology Director. He joined the Trust as a volunteer in 2019 and became a Council member in 2020. He chairs the Personnel Committee and is a member of the Finance Committee.

Martyn worked mainly for international banking and financial services organisations but was also involved in a number of central government departments. He specialised in management of strategic and regulatory change, delivering large-scale business and IT transformations to support these. He has considerable experience of the controls and governance required to enable effective change to be made within organisations.

Despite his technology background Martyn believes most processes and solutions can be simplified and that often the only technology required for a task is a pencil and paper.

He has lived near Salisbury (a short walk from Langford Lakes) for over 30 years. He completed a Masters in Philosophy, International Law, and Finance with the Open University in 2021. This included research into ethical policies followed by commercial organisations during the pandemic. He plans to start PhD research into “greenwashing” and its impact on how charities work with the commercial sector later in 2022.