We’re delighted to announce new funding which will allow us to expand and enhance an area of nationally important wetland at our Langford Lakes nature reserve, later this year. 

The Great Meadow Wetland Enhancement Project will create around a hectare of additional wetland habitat, to benefit breeding lapwing and other threatened wading birds. These new features will consist of a large scrape (shallow pond) and feeder ditch system, and a gravel bar and gravel islands will be constructed on a lake. The Trust has been awarded a grant of over £40,000 by Viridor Credits Environmental Company through the Landfill Communities Fund, as well as a previous grant awarded in December 2019 by Wiltshire Community Foundation, to complete these works - our thanks to these generous funders.

Langford Lakes is nestled in the Wylye Valley between Salisbury and Warminster and set within the wider Avon Valley catchment. The reserve incorporates four lakes, as well as ponds, ditches, and a stretch of the Wylye Chalk River SSSI, which together form the largest wetland complex in south Wiltshire.

The existing wetland provides a vital stopping-off point and breeding habitat for at least 150 different types of bird, including declining waders such as lapwing. The new features will expand and enhance the wetland complex and improve the ecological network supporting these species, making an enduring and significant contribution towards ensuring the survival of these birds in Wiltshire.

Ashley White, the Trust’s Reserves Manager for south Wiltshire, said:

We’re delighted to have received funding for this priority project that directly supports the Trust’s work to restore, reconnect, and recreate wildlife habitats across Wiltshire, and increase the amount of wetlands managed better for wildlife. As well as benefitting threatened wading birds, the project will also enrich the range of wildlife that is seen at the reserve by the many individuals and community groups that visit. We’d like to say a huge thank-you to Viridor Credits and Wiltshire Community Foundation for their support – it gives us all something positive to look forward to in these challenging times.

Gareth Williams, Operations Manager at Viridor Credits, said:

The Landfill Communities Fund puts a strong emphasis on protecting and enhancing our natural environment, and it is thanks to the efforts of WWT that we are able to protect our precious wildlife.