Matt Callaway

3 days... 6 cyclists... 12 bikes... 50 nature reserves... 250 miles... £1000 pounds.

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Six WWT staff led by Matt Callaway, Amy, Chelsie, Lev, Rachel and Dean are undertaking #OurWildRide, starting at Echo Lodge Meadows at 05:45 on Saturday 21st May and (hopefully) finishing at Langford Lakes at 17:00 on Monday 23rd May.

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A 250 mile cycle ride around Wiltshire connecting all of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves from woodlands, wildflower meadows, hedgerows, streams, rivers, chalk downland, valleys, bogs and wetlands. We plan to visit every single Nature Reserve in just three days.

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We are aiming to raise £1000 for the Trust. It’s going to be a tough three days, and we will need all the encouragement we can get so please make a donation to help us along our way.

Matt Callaway