Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is working with Wessex Water and local landowners to restore the upper reaches of the Hampshire Avon, in the western arm of the river between Devizes and Rushall.

The work is primarily focussed at addressing historical changes to the river, including straightening and deepening this channel. This has resulted in a uniform channel with steep banks with little opportunity for a natural marginal zone or interaction with the floodplain.

Projects completed to date have included re-grading banks to create a much shallower profile, pond creation, and tree planting. Further work is planned for 2019.

We are always on the lookout for:

  • Opportunities to work with local communities and landowners to develop projects or help with advice
  • Volunteers to help us with our work, either on the practical side outdoors or in the office

For more information please contact the Water Team on 01380 736066 or email Abigail.

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