When did you last see a hedgehog?

Hedgehog numbers in the UK have fallen by more than 30% over the last 10 years.

Garden pesticides, contaminated water, loss of habitat and traffic collisions have all led to a dramatic fall in UK hedgehog numbers and there are now thought to be less than one million wild hedgehogs left.   

How can you help?

By joining our hedgehog citizen science campaign #hedgehoghero, you can play a vital role in saving Wiltshire's hedgehogs, we need you to record your hedgehog sightings and if you see a hedgehog frequently; monitor its behavior and movements. With your help as a citizen scientist, we can start to build up data on their numbers, create a map to show where their most dense populations can be found and where to best focus our conservation efforts in Wiltshire and Swindon.

Please Note: Once you have logged in using the form below, you do not need to fill the same form out again. You will be presented with a link and regular emails with a link to a shorter data log, where you can easily tell us your sightings as many times as you like.

Our data logging form is currently in hibernation until the spring - stay tuned!

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This all starts with you, a key participant in this citizen science project. Through logging your sightings of hedgehogs you can actively contribute to hedgehog conservation where you live. Your garden or local park is a great place to spot hedgehogs, as these areas which provide them with a plentiful supply of food as well as potential nest sites for breeding, resting and hibernation.

As a hedgehog hero, you will be sent regular email updates as well as advice and materials to help you get started recording your sightings and a guide to making your garden hedgehog-friendly. We are also inviting participants to become super #HedgehogHeros and produce photo diaries, video blogs and regular written updates which will feature on our social sites and share throughout our hedgehog citizen science community.

You will receive regular information on:

How to care for a hedgehog,

How to help a sick hedgehog,

How to make a hedgehog friendly garden,

What to feed a hedgehog,

How to build a hedgehog house and much more.........

We will also be running competitions including:

Give a hog a home! Send us your best photographs of your home-made hedgehog houses. The more creative the better!

What's Next?

Once we have gathered enough data, we will produce a hedgehog map which will feature your sightings, as well as a report with recommendations for local policy-makers to take concrete steps to protect hedgehog habitats in our county.

Image by George Kendall