When did you last see a hedgehog?

Hedgehog numbers in the UK have fallen by more than 30% over the last 10 years and were recently classified as 'vulnerable to extinction' by the Red List for British Mammals.

Garden pesticides, contaminated water, loss of habitat and traffic collisions have all led to a dramatic fall in UK hedgehog numbers and there are now thought to be less than one million wild hedgehogs left.   

How can you help?

Sign ups are now closed for 2020, but we may awake in spring next year with the hedgehogs!

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As a hedgehog hero, you will be sent regular email updates as well as advice and materials to help you get started recording your sightings and a guide to making your garden hedgehog-friendly. 

You will receive regular information on:

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How to make a hedgehog friendly garden,

What to feed a hedgehog,

How to build a hedgehog house,

And much more!

In 2019, we asked members of the public to log their hedgehog sightings on our website and tell us about the last time they saw a hedgehog.

The response to this across Wiltshire was fantastic. At the close of the 2019 data collection period, 2,456 people joined the campaign logging 2,131 hedgehog sightings! Data for 2020 is coming soon.

Read the report here   

The data points from 2019 show the areas of road around Wiltshire where hedgehogs are possibly crossing or moving along and could come into contact with cars. One possible conservation action would be to encourage authorities to signpost these particular roads with hedgehog warnings – to alert night drivers to the possibility of hedgehogs on the road. This simple action could save scores of hedgehogs from death by traffic collisions.