House Mouse (Mus musculus) 

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The House Mouse is one of the most common mammals in the UK. The House Mouse is a tiny rodent which has grey fur, large ears and a long, scaly tail. They are a nocturnal species and can be considered a pest as they will spoil and disease food. They prefer manmade structures although they can be found in arable farmland and other grasslands.


The House Mouse usually eat plant matter but they are omnivorous. They often eat their own faeces to acquire nutrients produced by bacteria in their intestines.

How to track/identify?

There are differences between agricultural variety and more the more urban variety of mice. The House Mouse is urbaner so tends to be darker in colour and larger than other species. The House Mouse also produces a ‘stale’ odour.

Did you know?

  • They only venture up to 3-8 metres away from their nests in search of food.
  • Mice have great balance and can walk along very thin pieces of rope or wire and they can even scale vertical surfaces.
  • They have a very complex communication system and can produce sounds undetectable by humans.

Reserves where they are present

House mice can be found in most of the country where they prefer urban areas in order to keep warm.

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