Swifts like to leave their nests by dropping into the air from the entrance. This is why they often choose to set up camp in the eaves of buildings. If you have a wall that's at least five metres tall, with a clear flyway in front, then installing a swift box or brick onto your own home is a great idea!

Top tips

  • Swifts migrate, feed and nest together so, if you have the space, multiple nesting boxes would be ideal. You could also encourage neighbours to put up boxes too.
  • If you're not placing your swift box directly under the eaves, the box needs to be designed with a sloping roof to prevent predators from perching.
  • Increase your chances of swifts finding your box by playing swift calls May-July in the morning and evening.
  • If you are planning an extension you can buy special 'swift bricks' that are built into the walls.

You will need

  • A plank of untreated plywood (1.8m long, 150mm wide and 12mm thick
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Glue or nails
  • hammer
  • Drill
  • 4 wall plugs and screws
  • A suitable location (the eaves of a building)

Step 1

Saw your plywood to these dimensions:

Diagram showing dimensions

Step 2

Assemble your swift box using glue or nails.

Step 3

Position your swift box under the eaves of your building on a north/north-east facing wall.

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