This appeal has raised approximately £12,000 towards its £20,000 target.


Wiltshire is a wonderful county rich in wildlife and its habitats, such as hay meadows adrift with wildflowers and buzzing insects, and ancient woodlands carpeted with bluebells. Our reserves are home to some of Britain's rarest plants and animals, and managing them is both a privilege and a challenge. 

Now more than ever, our precious natural places are under increasing threat; from encroaching development, the impacts of extreme weather events, from diseases like Ash Dieback, but crucially also by a lack of resources to maintain them. 

With the generous support of our members and donors, we currently manage more than 1,000 hectares of some of the best wildlife habitats in the county. Our 38 nature reserves include 27 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to carefully managing these spaces, which they feel a deep connection to. However, the costs of managing our reserves continue to rise, while financial support is not keeping pace. 

We're therefore asking our supporters to contribute what they can, to our Nature Reserves Management Fund

£10 could buy 3 metres of vital materials for stock fencing at our Middleton Down reserve where Adonis blue butterflies depend on annual grazing. £20 could enable a vital bumblebee survey in Cloatley Meadows helping to understand and preserve declining populations of pollinators. 
£50 could purchase a bat box to provide much needed additional roost sites for rare bat species at Green Lane Wood. £100 could help plant 200 trees in our woodland reserves, helping us re-stock with disease-resistant native species.
£200 could pay for a full day of horse logging at Ravensroost Wood where timber extraction is sensitive to ground conditions. £500 could pay for contract machinery to help restore small ponds by digging out accumulated sediment and leaf litter, providing breeding habitat for dragonflies and amphibians.

This year, after extensive pond desilting work at Blackmoor Copse, we were delighted to see the return of significant numbers of great crested newts. This would not have been possible without financial help and volunteer hours. 

Male great crested newt David Kjaer

Every donation, large and small, will be put to the best possible use in preserving and maintaining our reserves for people as well as wildlife - so please consider making a donation