The Green Lane Woodlands project started because of the Castlemead development and will progress through the Ashton park development. Spanning more than 70 hectares, Green Lane Wood, Biss Wood and the Nature Park join together to create a wonderful space for residents and a thriving habitat for wildlife. This project will have a number of events and volunteer opportunities for anyone to get involved in and help look after the woodlands.

Green Lane Wood is a semi natural ancient woodland that was left to us in 1991, of whom, the owner lived in a cabin in the wood. In 1998 we purchased the wildflower meadow to the north. The wood connects with our Biss Wood nature reserve which was gifted to us in 2012 by Gilbert Green and through the Castlemead development, Green Lane Nature Park was handed to us in April 2020.

The open part of both woods is coppiced, encouraging woodland flowers to grow. They include Solomon’s seal, stinking Iris and greater butterfly orchid in Green Lane wood. In summer look for butterflies: silver-washed fritillary, purple hairstreak, speckled wood and white-letter hairstreak. Autumn offers striking leaf colour and fungi; and in January and February listen for the hammering of the great spotted woodpecker. The meadow is full of flowers from spring onwards - scarce adder’s-tongue fern, common knapweed and betony. It is light and damp beneath the pylons - ideal for wild angelica and ragged robin.

In the woodland you can find nuthatch and jay. Look out for a treecreeper walking up the side of a tree trunk in search of food. Roe and muntjac deer are hard to spot, but you might see grass snake and slow worm basking in sunshine. The rare Bechstein’s bat makes the wood its home. It roosts in hollow or rotten trees, although it has been known to use bird and bat boxes.


Our volunteers play a huge part in the woodlands. They maintain the rides and undertake the yearly coppicing and meadow areas. We are hoping to start up a volunteer group for the Nature Park area that will also encompass some of tasks in Biss Wood and Green Lane Wood too.

We are also looking for a warden to help with the Nature Park. Our wardens are key to looking after the site and reporting back any issues. If this is something you can do whilst on a daily or weekly walk then please get in touch. We are also looking for task leaders for volunteer groups (training provided), if you are up for one or the other, or both, then let us know! 

View our current volunteering opportunities here

Friends of Green Lane Woodlands

Our Friends receive regular updates about the nature reserve and will are the first to receive information about events and training opportunities as well as invitations to social events.

To join our Friends group please contact [email protected]