The Wildlife Trusts have joined more than 60 nature, planning, health and equality organisations to launch a new ‘Nature For Everyone’ campaign, calling for a ‘legal right to nature’ to be a key component of the Government’s Levelling Up reforms.

One in three people in England do not have nature near their home, with little or no greenspace at all in some of the most disadvantaged areas.

The Government has promised to create equal opportunities and quality of life for everyone across the country through its 'Levelling Up agenda'. To achieve this, Government will introduce new laws. These 'Levelling Up laws" will include changes to the planning system, making this a key opportunity to secure a “right to nature” for every community.

Please back our call on the Government to:

  • make equal access to thriving natural spaces a key measure of success for Levelling Up
  • set legal duties in Levelling Up legislation for developers and public bodies to provide equal access to nature-rich green and blue spaces for everyone
  • provide funding for locally-accessible nature-rich spaces including extending the Levelling Up Fund to green and blue infrastructure projects.

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