1. Blackmoor Copse

Blackmoor Copse in Salisbury was our first nature reserve and we have been looking after it since 1962.Read more

2. Blakehill Farm including Stoke Common Meadow

This former military airfield in Cricklade is being turned back into wildlife-rich hay meadow.Read more

3. Cloatley Meadows

The eight meadows that make up this nature reserve on the edge of the Braydon Forest in Malmesbury are awash with wild flowers and alive with insects during summer.Read more

4. Clouts Wood including Markham Banks, Kings Farm Wood and Diocese Meadows

A walk through this Site of Special Scientific Interest in Wroughton takes you from stream-soaked valley floor, up steep slopes to level land at the top.Read more

5. Cockey Down

This chalk downland offers superb views of Salisbury Cathedral and the surrounding countryside.Read more

6. Conigre Mead

Conigre Mead in Melksham was a field of rough grass until local volunteers dug ponds, cleared scrub and planted trees and wildflowers.Read more

7. Coombe Bissett Down

This chalk downland valley in Salisbury is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and worth a visit at any time of year for its sweeping views.Read more

8. Devizes and Roundway Orchard

A small orchard with old cricket field in Devizes. Areas converted into wildflower beds.Read more

9. Dunscombe Bottom

This stretch of chalk grassland curves across the steep side of a combe (valley) near Knook, on the edge of Salisbury Plain.Read more

10. Echo Lodge Meadows

Visit these three meadows near Royal Wootton Bassett in spring and summer for their vivid wildflower displays.Read more

11. Emmett Hill Meadows

These three hay meadows in Minety with countless wildflowers form a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of their long history of traditional farming.Read more

12. Green Lane Woodland Complex, including Green Lane Wood and Biss Wood

This ancient woodland in Trowbridge was given to us in 1991. The wood connects with our Biss Wood nature reserve and the Green Lane Nature Park.Read more

13. Hagbourne Copse

This pocket of woodland in Swindon provides a breathing space for wildlife in west Swindon. In April and May you can enjoy a stunning display of native bluebells.Read more

14. Ham Hill

Ham Hill is a tiny area of steeply sloping chalk downland in Hungerford, strewn with wildflowers and offering great views.Read more

15. Hat Gate

We bought this small section of dismantled railway in Marlborough from British Rail in 1988 for £1. It has a variety of common plants and birds such as whitethroat and garden warbler.Read more

16. High Clear Down

This steeply sloping chalk downland in Marlborough has no set footpaths so you can wander freely over the grass. Enjoy the uninterrupted views of rolling countryside and, in the summer, the wildflowers.Read more

17. Jones's Mill the Vera Jeans Reserve

Jones's Mill in Pewsey is a fen, made up of wet woodland, ponds and wet grassland. Its peaty soils are fed by natural springs and the Salisbury Avon flows through its centre.Read more

18. Landford Bog

Set within the New Forest National Park, the bog is a floating carpet of feathery moss with expanses of heather and purple moor-grass.Read more

19. Langford Lakes

Take a walk at Langford Lakes Nature Reserve in Steeple Langford around the four beautiful lakes to spot birds including kingfisher and maybe even an otter.Read more

20. Lower Moor including Clattinger Farm, Lower Moor Farm, Sandpool and Oaksey Moor Farm Meadow

Lower Moor in Cricklade opened in 2007 and is the gateway to Clattinger Farm, Oaksey Moor Farm Meadow, Lower Moor Farm and Sandpool nature reserves.Read more

21. Middleton Down

This nature reserve in Wilton is a wonderful example of the traditional chalk downland that was once widespread in Wiltshire. It is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the rich variety of grassland plants.Read more

22. Morgan's Hill

Morgan's Hill in Calne is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its orchids, butterflies and for the general quality of chalk grassland and wildflowers.Read more

23. Morningside Meadows

The five fields covering 25 hectares near Royal Wootton Bassett are abundant with wildflowers in summer, with a wealth of butterflies, crickets and pollinating insects.Read more

24. Nadder Island

This crescent-shaped wooded island in the River Nadder can be viewed from the river bank, but there is no public access.Read more

25. Oysters Coppice

Oysters Coppice in Salisbury nestles on a gentle slope offering spectacular views over the Vale of Wardour. A circular route leads you through areas of interest.Read more

26. Penn Wood

This nature reserve in Calne has seen many transformations in its history since it was farmland.Read more

27. Peppercombe Wood

Peppercombe Wood is a strip of picturesque ancient woodland on the edge of Urchfont.Read more

28. Ramsbury Meadow

This nature reserve is located on the flood plain of the River Kennet and for hundreds of years provided grazing for sheep. Boardwalks, a dipping platform and bridges form part of the circular path through the meadow.Read more

29. Ravensroost Wood including Avis, Distillery and Warbler Meadows

Ravensroost Wood is full of interesting wildlife and history. You can walks into surrounding wildflower meadows for a contrasting experience.Read more

30. Smallbrook Meadows

This is a mosaic of six small water meadows, wet woodland, marsh, ponds, chalk rivers, hedgerows and ditches in Warminster.Read more

31. St Julian's Community Woodland

This small broad-leaved wood in South Marston, near Swindon has been newly planted and will reward regular visitors as it develops and matures.Read more

32. Swindon Lagoons

Swindon Lagoons is an incredible story of nature's ability to recover. Visits are limited to guided tours and open days.Read more

33. The Devenish

This reserve offers a wonderful mix of young woodland, mature beech woodland, chalk downland and meadow.Read more

34. The Firs

A pocket of secluded, peaceful woodland in the heart of what was once the Royal Forest of Braydon.Read more

35. Upper Waterhay

This stunning wildflower meadow is a stronghold of the snakeshead fritillary. Uniquely, most of them here are creamy white, rather than the more common dark purple.Read more

36. Vincients Wood

Vincients Wood is a semi-natural broadleaved woodland on the western edge of Chippenham.Read more

37. Widbrook Wood

Widbrook Wood in Trowbridge is one of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's newest reserves, having been gifted by the Alex Moulton Charitable Trust in 2016.Read more