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Wild Wiltshire Book


A bestselling photography book celebrating the wildlife and living landscapes of Wiltshire, in all its natural beauty. Read more

Butterflies ID guide


Our bestselling ID guide covering the butterflies of Britain. Read more

Make your own cardboard bugs


Make your own cardboard bugs activity kit. A great creative gift for kids. Read more

Ducks, geese and swans ID guide


An ID guide covering the ducks, geese and swans found in the UK Read more

Nature trail binoculars


Get up close to the natural world with our army green binoculars (magnification 6 x 30). Read more

Bees and Beekeeping Book


*ON SALE* This little guide explores the honeybee's historic relationship with humans, the basics of beekeeping, and how we can help save the bees' dwindling population. Read more