Adopt an animal - Pandora

Pandora is one of our newest additions to the Care Farm, one of 3 rescue goats from the dairy industry. When she arrived she was still having a bottle twice a day but is now fully weaned and turning into a bouncy and athletic young lady.

Pandora is a very entertaining kid to watch as she explores the climbing frame and jumps from chair to chair. She will often misjudge it and fall over but always recovers gracefully. Just like her pals, Pandora is fond of a shoe lace or trouser leg to nibble and loves a good scratch on the chin. Pandora is probably the least fond of going on walks with the students and often needs a tasty treat dangled in front of her nose to keep her moving in the right direction.

Pandora has daily access to a generous 20x20m outdoor grassed pen and will be enjoying her share of the large third of an acre paddock once electric fence trained. Every evening the goats are tucked up in the pig’s winter house. We are in the process of building a purpose built hard standing yard with timber stable for them.

By adopting Pandora you will help support her ongoing food, bedding, housing costs and yearly vet visits.

When you adopt an animal from Lakeside Care Farm you will receive a certificate, personalised letter from your chosen animal and a full-colour photo. You will also receive quarterly updates from your furry friend by post.

In the delivery information please write the name of the person that this adoption is for and any other information.