Clattinger Meadow Wildflower Seeds 20g

A 20g bag of wildflower meadow seeds, harvested from our internationally renowned, species-rich meadows at Clattinger Farm.

Covers 5m2 

Instructions for use:

The seed has been professionally cleaned and dried before packaging. Store in a cool dry place (an outhouse, unheated greenhouse or shed)

Best sown in autumn or spring.

Spread 2-4g over 1m² of earth, sprinkle seeds by hand.  The seed can be measured out and mixed with soft dried sand to make it easier to scatter

If planting into existing lawns or grassland swards. Cut the grass very low. In small areas rake heavily to expose at least 50% bare soil. In larger area use a harrow or other suitable implement to remove all thatch and expose bare soil of between 50 and 75%.

If planting into a recently cultivated area, ensure the surface is loose and friable and free of weeds.

Do not cover once sown, just firm in

Leave until April/May next year.  In the first year control vigorous grass growth by cutting at the highest point on your mower, which mimics grazing.  Remove all cuttings to a compost pile.

Plants such as Yellow Rattle & Oxeye Daisy may be in profusion in the first few years.

Leave until late July or August before cutting & removing arisings.

Don’t despair if you don’t see many different wildflowers in your first year or two.  Some species take several years to establish, and a newly planted meadow may take over ten years to reach its full potential.