In 2022 Wiltshire Wildlife Trust recruited a Carbon Reduction Champion in a role shared with Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy.  During the first stage of this project the focus is on completing WWT’s annual carbon footprint using The Wildlife Trusts Greenhouse Gas Inventory Tool, identifying opportunities for the Trust to reduce carbon emissions and reviewing WWT’s Carbon Reduction Strategy and Action Plan.

Figures used to calculate emissions from WWT’s ‘other operations’ include our use of electricity, fuel and staff mileage, water and the waste produced.  They provide a baseline figure to inform and guide the work the Trust began over a decade ago - to drive down our own carbon emissions and those of communities and organisations throughout Wiltshire. 

WWT has a ‘Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Group’ made up of staff and other stakeholders from across the Trust which is a working group aligned to the Sustainability, Education and Wellbeing Committee.  The Group helps identify opportunities to reduce the Trust’s carbon footprint and supports implementation of the Trust’s Carbon Reduction Strategy and Action Plan.

Our Champion also supports the Wiltshire Real Nappy Network and Wiltshire Wildlife Community Energy’s Community Fund.

A national project by The Wildlife Trusts is underway to assess the carbon captured and sequestered by Trusts’ conservation, land management work and farming practices.  

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