The Wellbeing Programme provides nature-based activities for people struggling with mental health issues. The clinical model that underpins the work we do is based on the Biophilia hypothesis of Edward O. Wilson (1984) and the evidence-based practice 'Six Ways to Wellbeing: Be Active, Keep Learning, Give, Connect, Take Notice, Care'.

The programme in Wiltshire has been running since 2008 and funded by Wiltshire Council Public Health for anyone experiencing mental health issues such as persistent low mood, depression, anxiety or long-term mental or physical health conditions. There are two groups that meet weekly – a group for West Wiltshire which meets on a Tuesday, with a pick-up from Trowbridge train station, and a group for South Wiltshire which meets on a Friday, with a pick-up from Salisbury train station.

Download an information leaflet about Wiltshire Wellbeing.

Download the application form for Wiltshire Wellbeing.

The programme in Swindon started running in 2017 thanks to funding from the Big Lottery Fund. The programme aims to reach those with mental health conditions, in particular veterans, ex-offenders and those from ethnic minorities. There are three groups that meet weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with a pick-up from Swindon train station. 

Download an information leaflet about Swindon Wellbeing.

Download the application form for Swindon Wellbeing.

"...better than any form of medication; it is not possible to put a monetary value on the work Wiltshire Wildlife Trust does." - Rachel, participant

  • One in four people will develop a mental illness in their lifetime.
  • Research shows that outdoor activity is beneficial to mental and physical wellbeing.
  • The Trust's Wellbeing Programmes aim to improve mental wellbeing with a weekly programme of outdoor nature-based group activities.
  • Sessions last for up to four hours and tasks could involve either practical conservation work, craft activities or a nature walk.
  • Transport is provided and groups are supervised by two Wellbeing Programme staff.

If you would like to discuss joining the Wellbeing Programme, feel free to give us a call for a confidential chat on 01380 736098, or send us an email to Wiltshire Wellbeing or Swindon Wellbeing.

New Wellbeing Programme in Tidworth, starting April 2018

Thanks to funding from the Tidworth Community Area Board, the Wellbeing team will be running an eight-week programme starting in April 2018. If you live in Tidworth and would like to join, please see the documents below for more information. To apply, please download the Referral Form and Participant Agreement Form and return to us as indicated. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come first served basis.

Download Tidworth Wellbeing Programme Leaflet
Download Tidworth Wellbeing Programme Referral Form
Download Tidworth Wellbeing Programme Participant Agreement Form
Download Tidworth Wellbeing Programme Referral Criteria

For more information, please contact Melanie Vincent on 01380 736098.

Wellbeing staff:

Chelsie Phillips - project officer for Wiltshire Wellbeing and Swindon Wellbeing

Nick Self - project officer for Wiltshire Wellbeing and Swindon Wellbeing
Tel: 01380 829051

Jo Woodhams - project officer for Swindon Wellbeing
Tel: 01380 736099

Melanie Vincent, project support and administrator for the Wellbeing Programme
Tel: 01380 736098

Watch Nick Self, Wellbeing Programme staff member, show you the work his team have been doing at Devizes and Roundway Orchard.



The Swindon Wellbeing Programme is funded by the Big Lottery Fund.