An overwhelming majority of people are worried about climate change - but they often assume other people aren’t. Or they don’t know what they can do to make a real difference. This is where you can help.

Talk to your friends, family and coworkers. Tell them how simple it is to make these changes, and how they can become a Wiltshire Climate Champion themselves, too.

Speak to your MP. MPs want to know what it is you care about. Not only do they want to hear from you, but they also have a duty to listen - their job is to represent you in Parliament! MPs are generally friendly and open for a chat, and an appointment will usually last around 10-15 minutes.

Get your community involved. Every space for nature counts! Whether that's turning small road verges into a patch of wildflowers or digging a pond, make sure there are wildlife-friendly areas in your neighbourhood and lobby your local council to mow verges less for example.

Not sure how to start the conversation? See the talking climate handbook by Climate Outreach.

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