Important notice: Temporary reserve closure for essential ash felling works

Vincients Wood has been closed to the public from November 2022. For the safety of visitors to Vincients Wood, Trust staff and contractors, we needed to remove the ash trees from this woodland due to Ash Dieback, affecting all areas. Unfortunately, due to extreme wet conditions this winter, the works have taken longer than expected and there is still some work to be done to ensure that safe paths are reinstated before public access can be permitted. We are therefore sorry to confirm that Vincients Wood will need to remain closed for now.

If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Please visit our Ash Dieback page for further information about this devastating disease, the Trust's approach to the felling works and replanting, and how we have ensured protected species such as bats and other wildlife are protected.



Chippenham SN14 0TN
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When to visit

Free and open to visit 24 hours a day.

Know before you go

  • Not suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs
  • Dogs on leads are welcome
  • 5.81 hectares

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About the nature reserve

Vincients Wood reserve map © WWT

Vincients Wood is a semi-natural broadleaved woodland on the western edge of Chippenham. A circular route around the wood crosses a medieval woodbank that divides the wood in two; it would have been placed there as a boundary and to keep livestock out.

Parts of the reserve are ancient woodland, which means they have been continuously wooded since at least 1600AD. The northern section is more recent and until the Second World War its trees were felled for timber. Most of the trees - ash, maple and oak - are aged between 30-50 years but because of its continuous history as a wood, 17 ancient woodland indicator species can be found. One, the tiny tree-climbing door snail, is an indicator of a wood’s great age because it takes such a long time to colonise a place.

The wood was given to us in 1990 and volunteers run a coppicing programme between October and March to create small sunny glades on a seven year cycle, providing perfect conditions for wildflowers.

What can be seen here?

In spring wood anemones, bluebells and early purple orchids blossom. Comma, holly blue, ringlet and speckled wood butterflies live here. Listen for the great spotted woodpecker drumming on tree trunks; other birds such as the blackcap, nuthatch, goldcrest and tits prefer the sunny south edges of the wood.

Vincients Wood has a damp dark interior, deliberately left untouched. Here you will find fungi – lilac-coloured blewits, great bunches of trooping crumble cap that suddenly appear overnight, candle snuff and the miller. To provide good habitat for invertebrates and fungi we have created a long, ‘dead hedge’ of timber, which is being left to slowly rot.

How can I get here?

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Love this hidden gem! Great for the children to roam around, explore and have many imaginative adventures.

~ Paul from Chippenham

Great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life for an hour or so. Plenty of wildlife to watch.

~ Mark from Cirencester

A great place for a woody walk with kids or the dog. You can enter at any of the entrances and complete a loop taking about 20 mins or go down any of the smaller paths if you fancy an explore. Seems to always be muddy unless in summer so wear wellies!

~ Tom from Chippenham