Wiltshire Wildlife Trust was founded in 1962, driven by a concern to protect local wildlife and natural habitats. 

Our first nature reserve was Blackmoor Copse, a Site of Special Scientific Interest and one of the most important woods in Wiltshire for butterflies.

Today, we manage over 40 nature reserves across the county, including wetland, woodland, meadow and chalk downland habitats. 

Our Vision

A sustainable future for wildlife and people.

Our Mission

To support the recovery of nature, help people connect with nature and live more healthy, happy and sustainable lives.

We are passionate about getting people outdoors to experience nature and to take action to ensure its protection. This involves:

Creating living landscapes across Wiltshire by restoring, reconnecting and recreating wildlife habitats across landscapes for wildlife and people.

Photograph of the Wiltshire countryside

We do this by:

  • Protecting, maintaining and enhancing our nature reserves.
  • Increasing the amount of land, rivers and wetlands managed better for wildlife. 
  • Standing up for wildlife and the natural environment
  • Influencing and supporting the development of at least two living landscapes in each of Wiltshire’s distinctive landscape biodiversity areas. 

Inspiring and supporting people to live more sustainably.

Photograph of people doing sustainable activities

We do this by:

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We can't achieve all of this without the generous support of our members, volunteers and supporters.

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