At Wiltshire Wildlife Trust we believe that giving people an opportunity to experience our work, whether that's learning how to coppice, helping to manage a social media site, removing invasive plants from a river or helping with administration. We can give you a valuable insight into the everyday skills, routines and work needed to restore, recreate and reconnect landscapes across the county. 

Work experience

We offer young people an opportunity to spend a period of time gaining experience either in a specific role, such as our water team project, or we can put together a work schedule which encompasses multiple different experiences across the work the Trust does. As part of the application process, an interview will be arranged. To inquire about work experience, please complete our online form

Back to Work Programme

Through various employment agencies, we offer work placements from one month to three-month durations, if you are actively seeking work, please speak to your employment advisor to arrange a placement. As part of the application process, an interview will be arranged. To inquire about the Back to work programme, please complete our online form.

Internships/Student placements

We welcome applications from pre and postgraduates and also international bursary scheme such as the European Union's Vasco da Gama scholarships. To inquire, please complete our online form.

For further information, please contact the volunteer office on 01380 829054.


We are an active partner in the government's apprentice scheme and have offered apprenticeships in office administration, IT, people engagement and conservation. These are advertised when available on the Trust website. 


Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and in partnership with Avon, Devon, Dorset and Somerset Wildlife Trusts, we offer two bursaries within Wiltshire to train environmentalists of the future. The two conservation traineeships are for a 9 month period. Each individual receives a monthly bursary and has an individual training budget to cover training costs such as chainsaw tickets, brush cutting etc. Training also includes two residential training weeks to cover such subjects as Wildlife and the Law, volunteer management and obtaining future employment. Applications for these roles will be on the Trust's website once open for applications. Find it under 'Work for us'.