The YEW Team provides enriching learning opportunities for young people aged 11 – 18, who may be struggling in a formal school setting, or who require additional support. We deliver 2:1 provision (2 of our staff working with an individual) for students with complex needs requiring personalised provision.

We can also take groups of students out onto nature reserves for tailored programmes that include the gaining of AQA accreditations. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Work Experience Groups

Our Work Experience Groups for young people aged 11-18 provide an emotionally and physically safe setting to develop practical conservation skills. The groups take place at the tranquil Langford Lakes nature reserve between Salisbury and Warminster on Friday mornings and we are currently setting up a group at Biss Wood in Trowbridge on Monday afternoons.

The groups provide an atmosphere of calm productivity where each young person is made to feel a valued part of the team. Sessions are task-focused, with activities including: maintaining footpaths; tree stump removal; small tree felling; tool and equipment maintenance; health and safety learning; cutting back vegetation; pollarding and many more rewarding and worthwhile outdoor tasks.

Participants have the opportunity to develop social skills and build self-esteem which can stimulate re-engagement with school learning. For students who are finding it challenging to thrive in a traditional school setting, the gaining of accreditations is vital to their progression. Ongoing development of skills and teamwork allow accredited AQA Level 1 learning certificates to be achieved, with unit awards such as: Lighting a Kelly Kettle; Shelter Building; Tool Maintenance and Teamwork Skills. Group members learn how to actively listen to instructions, build personal responsibility, work safely and be mindful of others’ needs. In this way new life skills and positive social interactions with adults and young people can be developed and new friendships made.

To find out more about our youth provision and work experience groups, contact:

Christine Crookall-Fallon 

[email protected] 

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