Act for bats! Gardeners urged to take action to help the stars of the night

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust is urging gardeners to help bats this autumn during Wild About Gardens Week which runs from 24 – 30 October.

The RHS, The Wildlife Trusts and Bat Conservation Trust aim to inspire gardeners to help these special creatures while still creating beautiful gardens with events, a competition and advice.

Members of Wiltshire Wildlife Trust can discover more about these amazing nocturnal creatures at a Wild About Gardens Bat Walk at Caen Hill Locks, Devizes on Thursday 27 October, 4.45pm. Members will learn all about the bats of Devizes and the surrounding area, including some very rare woodland discovered in recent years. At dusk members will be able to take bat detectors and explore the ponds along the canal, listening for bats flying and feeding over the water and surrounding areas. To book visit

Gareth Harris, County Bat Recorder, Wiltshire Bat Group, said: “Wiltshire is a superb county for bats, supporting 15 of the 18 species found in the UK including some of our rarest and most threatened species. However, it’s not just Wiltshire’s wildlife-rich downland and wooded landscapes that are important resources for our bats. Wiltshire’s towns and villages, often on river corridors, with their associated gardens, parks and green spaces offer additional important feeding areas and roosting sites for a variety of bat species. The diversity of flowering plants, shrubs and trees support a diversity of insect life attractive to foraging bats, ranging from the pipistrelle bats, which are often seen foraging in and around gardens, to the larger Serotine bat, patrolling our parklands and greenspaces. Providing additional night-flowering plants in our gardens can support a diversity of insect life as well as the predators that feed upon them.”

Chris Packham said: “I like bats as much now as when I was six. I love watching them swoop and pirouette around my garden and I stand entranced, trying to imagine what it is like to be them, what it is really like to fly that fast, to ‘see’ with sound, to find tiny insects in the air and snatch enough of them for a meal. We can all do our bit to make our gardens more welcoming to bats and all sort of other wildlife, find out how by getting involved in Wild About Gardens Week.”

Discover how to attract and support bats in your garden with the Wild About Gardens Week FREE downloadable booklet: Stars of the Night – working together to create a ‘batty’ neighbourhood. It contains:

  • Great ideas for planning a bat-friendly garden, balcony or window-box
  • Details of which bats are most likely to visit your garden and how to listen for them
  • A seasonal guide to what bats are doing throughout the year
  • Advice on reducing outdoor lighting - floodlit gardens are detrimental to bats


Take part in the Plant a bat feast! competition to find the best insect-friendly plant display in the UK by sharing a photo of your bat-friendly border for a chance to win some fabulous prizes, including a bat box, a bat detector and a visit from a bat expert. All information on the competition, events and advice can be found at