Help your community!

We can all make a difference to the amount of rubbish we produce in Wiltshire. Individuals can reduce their household rubbish and reuse and recycle more and community groups can take action and help to promote this message to the wider community. Help Wiltshire Council reach the target of recycling 50% of our rubbish by 2020 and improve the quality of recycling collected.

Spread the word

You could spread the message locally by putting up posters and displays in public venues, running information stands at events and in shopping areas or giving talks to local community groups - Wiltshire Council’s website is helpful and the national campaign website Recycle Now contains lots of recycling facts.

Groups can book a free tour around Wiltshire’s Materials Recycling Facility and landfill site run by Hills Waste Solutions near Calne - contact [email protected] or T: 01793 714456.    

A great step to show you’re serious about taking action is to do a ‘waste audit’ of your community facilities – a chance to see what is being thrown away - and then set up systems to reduce the rubbish and recycle as much as possible.

Have fun with it

Other fun, waste-reducing activities you could organise include an upcycling workshop, ‘Swish’ (clothes swap) or swap shop, Repair Café, share shop or tool library, community fridge, setting up recycling collections to fundraise or encouraging ‘greener’ upcycled gardens.

Consider what could work where you live and what interests, skills and resources are available in your community.  Think about how you can get other local groups, businesses and schools in your area involved.

Contact the Waste and Recycling Team if you have any questions or would like support to set up any of the above [email protected] or 01380 736077.  Follow us – Wiltshire Waste Watchers on Facebook and Pinterest, @SlimBinsWilts on Twitter and sign up for Slim Bins, our quarterly e-news.

The 'Waste-Free' Challenge

What does waste-free living actually mean? It literally means reducing the amount of waste you put into your rubbish bin. Reducing the amount of waste being put into your rubbish bin has huge positive environmental impacts by reducing the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill. 

So what is the challenge? 

We are challenging you to reduce your waste to a Jam Jar. We are classing waste as anything that cannot be reused, recycled or composted. Obviously, reducing your waste to zero would be amazing but also extremely difficult to do. 

The challenge isn't restricted to a jam jar for a month. You can amend the challenge and set your own realistic goals to reduce your waste over whatever time period; however, the ultimate challenge is 1 jam jar's worth of waste for the month of Feb. 

Need help?

We have created a fantastic Waste Free guide to give you guidance and tips. 



We have also set up a Facebook Group to support everyone taking part in Waste-Free Feb. This is a place where you can share any tips or things that you have found useful to know but it's also a place to ask for help. 

Waste Free Feb Facebook Group

Have FUN! 

Having fun with this challenge makes it a lot easier. Don't stress and remember we are here to help. Keep us updated on your progress on Twitter (@Slimbins) or Facebook (@WasteFreeFeb). Please use #wastefreefeb when sharing your journeys. 

Take on the Waste Free challenge and join us for Waste-Free Feb!