Wildflower meadows have suffered a catastrophic decline. Can you help us to restore these now rare and precious habitats back into the Wiltshire countryside?

Since the 1930s, we have lost a staggering 97% of our wildflower meadows in the UK.

This habitat loss has had a detrimental impact on wildlife, with essential pollinators such as bumblebees and butterflies currently suffering as a result. A recent report on insect declines found that butterflies in the UK alone have declined by a whopping 46%!

With a broad network of nature reserves owned and managed by us, and over 5,600 species recorded on these reserves, we are taking action to ensure that wildlife in Wiltshire continues to thrive, well into the future. 

To do this, we need to raise £4,000 to see the widespread return of wildflower meadow habitats in the county, adding to Wiltshire’s nature recovery network and bringing vital life and colours back into the countryside.

With your generous donation, we will be able to plant more meadow habitats across our network of nature reserves, and continue to manage and restore our existing ones for the benefit of both wildlife and people. Your donation would:

  • Support the brush harvesting of wildflower seed from Clattinger Meadow, which will then be used to plant new wildflower meadows across our reserves.
  • Support the monitoring of our wildflower-rich sites
  • Introduce wildflowers such as bluebells, wood anemone, woodruff, primrose and honeysuckle to our reserve at Penn Wood, an otherwise isolated site.
  • Seed harvest and plant more devils-bit scabious at Ravensroost Meadow.

For supporting our vital conservation work, and as a thank you, a pledge of £10 will enable you to attract more buzzing bees to your area with a pack of seeds to get you started. At £25 we’ll provide an extra wildlife gardening leaflet and your very own butterfly ID guide. 

Help us to Grow Wild in Wiltshire – please pledge your support today!