We are working with Wessex Chalk Stream and Rivers Trust (WCSRT) and the Environment Agency on a Natural Flood Management (NFM) on the upper headwaters of the River Nadder. NFM can be anything from leaky dams put into the river channel and floodplain reconnection, to changes of land management and riparian tree planting, all with the aim of slowing the flow upstream to reduce pressure on the channel and flooding downstream.

Throughout this project we will review existing data, liaise with local landowners and conduct targeted wet-weather walkover surveys to identify hotspot flooding areas.

Results from these surveys will be complied with already established knowledge to inform project designs and proposals for a second stage of the project where delivery works will be carried out where needed to combat flooding issues in this catchment through the implementation of NFM interventions.

For more information please contact the Water Team on [email protected] 

This project was kindly funded by the Environment Agency