The spread of invasive non-native plants along the River Avon and its tributaries threatens the future survival of our native plants and animals. In 2012, the Source to Sea Project was formed to remove problem species from the entire length of the Hampshire Avon.

We are continuing our programme to target the upstream source of Himalayan and orange balsam and outbreaks of giant hogweed and Japanese knotweed throughout the catchment. ‘Balsam bashing’ work parties are fun and easy to take part in.

We will be running a programme of Himalayan balsam pulling days over the summer this year supported by the Environment Agency.

We are also delivering a similar project on the River By Brook in north Wiltshire - click here to find out more

If you would like to get involved and come and do some balsam bashing, please contact [email protected] 

Below are maps showing the distribution of invasive species:

Himalayan Balsam distribution 2010-2012:

Orange Balsam distribution 2010-2012:

Hogweed distribution 2010-2012:

Knotweed distribution 2010-2012: