THEY DID IT ... 3 days... 6 cyclists started and 4 finished... 50 nature reserves... 250 miles... almost £1300 pounds raised...

Our Wild Ride Langford Finish WWT

Six WWT staff led by Matt Callaway, Amy, Chelsie, Lev, Rachel and Dean are undertook #OurWildRide.  They started at Echo Lodge Meadows at 05:45 on Saturday 21st May and Matt, Amy, Chelsie and Lev finally finished at Langford Lakes at 21:00 on Monday 23rd May.

They cycled 250 miles around Wiltshire connecting all of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves from woodlands, wildflower meadows, hedgerows, streams, rivers, chalk downland, valleys, bogs and wetlands. 

Their aim was to raise £1000 for the Trust and their amazing efforts have been rewarded and they have already exceeded their target.

A mazssive thank you to everyone who came out to cheer the team on - apologies that some of you had a long wait in the rain.  Your support, flags and bunting kept the team going and was really appreciated.