Wild Boar (Sus scrofa)

Wild_Boar_c_Darin_SmithWild Boar © Darin Smith


The Wild Boar species has only recently been reintroduced into the UK. Wild Boar are omnivores and will spend a large amount of time churning up the ground to get to roots and grubs that are underneath the forest floor.


Their diet mainly consists of roots and bulbs but they will also eat nuts, berries, leaves, fish and insects.

How to identify/track?

Wild Boars are a fairly iconic species by being the only species of wild pig in the UK. They are medium-sized mammals that have large heads and shoulders with a much smaller rear. Both the male and female have tusks although males have them on their bottom jaw and top as well. They vary in colour from dark brown to a more russet red depending on their location. The piglets have pattern fur which fades over time as they mature.

Did you know?

  • Wild Boars have a large rubbery snout that is used for digging up roots.
  • The population in the UK has been reintroduced multiple times since the 18th Century with escapes from private owners and farms.
  • Lives in large groups of between 6-20 individuals.

Reserves where they are present

Sporadic sightings throughout Wiltshire with their numbers are increasing in the north of the county.

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